Wednesday, November 21, 2012


If there is a holiday I've learned to seriously dislike, it is Christmas. Earlier in the week, and it is now November 21st, I heard freakin' Christmas music on the radio! It's NOVEMBER!!! Pineville, a small city next to Charlotte, already put up their Christmas decorations. It's NOVEMBER!!! I see posts from friends on Facebook about how they already purchased their Christmas trees. It's MOTHERGRUBBIN' NOVEMBER!!!

I seriously dislike this holiday, and I don't think I am alone.

I wanted to grabbed something Thanksgiving related for this review but when I walked into the Dollar Tree there wasn't a single Thanksgiving-related item in the entire store! Not one... Of course not. How ridiculous of me to try to go to a store a week before Thanksgiving and expect to find Thanksgiving-related items.

I did find row after row, endcap after endcap of Christmas crap! Red and green all over the place. Christmas toys, decorations, food, candy, silverware, dinnerware, novelty items, etc. Just Christmas... Ugh.

Anyway, so, I am going to jump on the bandwagon and review Christmas products in November. And in December, I am going to review Easter-related items. Take that corporate America!!!

The first trinket I found was Instant Snow in a Can (or Neige Décorative Instantanée en Conserve for our Canadian friends). How can anybody resist this? It's instant freakin' snow. Which we don't get enough of here in the Charlotte area. According to the can, all I have to do is add water and I can have something that looks and feels like real snow.

The instructions were simple, open your can, add water and you'll have a mess in your hands.

I quickly opened my canned snow and realized that I am actually kind of excited about this. I noticed that the can opened on both ends. The top lid comes off completely, like you would a can of soup, while the bottom opened with a tab the way a canned soda does.

The instructions didn't say anything about the openings so I opened both ends. This decision was supported by the stupid graphic depiction of the snow coming out of both ends of the can in the instructions.

Once gutted, the can contained a small plastic shove, a baggie of cocaine and instructions. Well, the instructions were almost exactly the same as the once outside of the can, but the warnings took up about 75% of the rest of the instruction sheets.

Following the instructions we started shoveling the white powder in the can. Unfortunately, this was an idiotic way to do this as the bag was too small for the shovel and ended up shoveling about 1/4 of an ounce at a time.

Eventually, Girl #2, who was one of my helpers and testers, just decided to pour the whole baggy in the can just to get it over with.

Once we poured the water the "snow" did appear immediately. The second the water touched this stuff, which is also what they put inside diapers, it became a gelatinous, snowy blob.

The girls were excited and and immediately dunked their hands into it. They said it was awesome and ran it through their fingers and hands. But, unfortunately, after only a few seconds, Girl #2 asked what they were supposed to do with it. I told her she could do anything she wanted. After one more minute they just ended up dumping the whole thing in the trash.

Girl #2 tried, and failed, at making a snowball. The amorphous, rubbery blob has absolutely no binding power to itself. So, no matter how hard you press, you're not getting a snowball to save your life. Also, when you touched a mount of it, it jiggled oddly and rather nastily, the way Jell-O or tapioca pudding does. ewww....

As a devout fan of Mr. Wizard's World back in the day (the 90's, not the 50's), this was a really cool experiment for me and the girls. But the fun factor is very, very, very short lived and once you have your snow, there's really not much else to do with it. Possibly if you're using this to decorate your house for Christmas some time in November, this will do a really good job.