Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Hello there! I'm back!

I recently lost my job which means I have a helluva lot more time to squander on the internet and blog. Since we lost one source of income, it also probably will mean a lot more trips to The Dollar Tree to cut corners. Such was the when it came time to buy more dishwashing detergent. Unlike before, The Dollar Tree now seems to carry several brands of most of their products. I actually had a few options when I went to pick up this lemony jewel which was a nice surprise.

There are 8 people in our household, myself, the little lady, and 6 "chirrens" so you can imagine the mountains of dirty dishes that pile up daily. Add to that the fact that nobody around here enjoys washing dishes and you end up with an overused dishwasher and morbid amounts of dishwasher detergent.

I opted for Power X Crystal Gel because the packaging was very similar to the name brand stuff and it looked the least cheap of the bunch. As with 99% of the products The Dollar Tree offers, this too was "new & improved" with a Fresh Lemon Scent... if your idea of lemon scent is a combination of semen and PineSol.


Another interesting fact is that, unlike most of the crap I buy here, this is a true 'Murican product made right here in Missouri (which is one of the handful of states I couldn't find on a U.S. map if my life depended on it) by a company called CSI Products, Inc. I would tell you more about this company, but I even being bored and unemployed couldn't get me to sift through a website for a company that makes cleaning products.

Lastly, on packaging, even though the label comes equipped with a fancy QR code, it takes you to a broken link.

I put my PowerX to the test with a small load since I had one of the kids load and they just plain ol' suck at it. This is actually only about 20% of what we usually cram into the poor dishwasher.

Power X pours a Lemon-Lime-Gatorade-Yellow but with the consistency of mucus-from-a-toddler-with-a-runny-nose. Directions are plain and simple, "fill all holes with our goo" sorta deal and press the start button.

A little while later the dishes came out spotless and awesome (forgot to take a picture). But, awesomely enough, Power X did he job perfectly and for 30oz for a bottle, it's a great deal. I think this is gonna be a keeper instead of buying the name-brand stuff from now on!