Sunday, September 30, 2007


Well, this blog is pretty simple and straight to the point. I love the Dollar Tree stores. We didn't have these growing up in Brownsville, TX. The closest you can get to $1 items or toys was at Walgreen's stores when they used to be embedded in malls. Well, that and the crappy, unsanitary local supermarket chain, Lopez. Even then, the type of items you were able to get for $1 were limited and for the most part crappy. I remember mostly being able to get those tubes of latex-type material with a straw to blow colored bubbles and parachute army men. Which, by all means, at the time was just as CRAPPY AS THEY ARE NOW!

But now, with two kids of my own, and in Charlotte, NC the Dollar Tree stores are humanity's highest achievement since the first batch of catfish hushpuppies. I first heard, and walked into a DT store when my wife told me about them. I'd been to Everything for a Dollar (or more commonly in the 90's for $0.99) and the experience can only be compared to walking into a retail war zone. Merchandise so old you would not wish it upon your worst enemy. Isles of scattered garbage, opened or broken items littered most of these hell holes. The items look and were cheap and mostly Chinese rip offs of popular items. I do not know if DT stores started this way but the four stores within my area are better kept and stocked than most big box stores. Isle after Isle of identically priced treasures just ripe for the pickin'!

Recently, we've even seen a huge increase in name brand items for one loveable dollar! One of the stores in our area even has a frozen food area (Aside from candy, I've never actually bought anything edible form DT but that may change soon for this blog experiment of mine). Overall, I go to one of the four DT stores in my area 2-3 times a week without a shopping agenda. I go just to see what they have and buy the most useless, insignificant trinket I can find for the sole purpose of saying I bought it for $1! Sad, perhaps, but I love it!!!!

So, this is my blog about my fascination with this monument of consumerism. I hope you enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

this blog is great. we're doing a mock-campaign for dollar tree in a copywriting class and you're helping out so much with your ideas on what makes it a great store.

Soneji75 said...

i sure would like to know who you are.

makeitmom said...

Came across your blog hen I was searching info on Dollar Tree. In these economic times it great to know I'm not alone lokking at the great deals there!