Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I've always found it weird that most products sold in the Dollar Store (or any other value store) that are made by external companies (as opposed to some hellhole in China then imported by Greenbrier International, Inc.) have actually been around for several decades. It seems that the value stores have only been at full force for about twenty years. My assumption has always been that these seemingly lower quality products (and possibly the companies themselves) were a byproduct of value stores.

Ameriplus' is the only bio I've ever read while researching their Mister Plumber drain opener product. Ameriplus' has been around since '59 as Crest Chemical Corporation, and in the '90s they decided to expand new household products directly to supermarkets and other stores. If I recall correctly, not only were the '90s the launch pad for value stores but that's also when store-brand products were introduced. The only "store-brand" products I remember before supermarkets plastered their logo on them were the ones that came in all white containers with black letters on the front indicating what resided within. If you read the back for ingredients the label read, "Read the front!"

As I’ve reviewed products that actually have ingredients (excluding edible goods), I've noticed that most of the products are comparable in quality to their brand-name counterparts. This is the case with the ingeniously named “Mister Plumber”. Apartment living, especially in my community, comes with “amenities”. One such “amenity” is an easily clogged bathtub, which is exasperated by the fact that I have mid-back length hair and I shed like a fuckin' dog.

Because my bathtub would fill up to nearly overflowing when I showered, and draining took what seemed like hours, I ended up with nasty crust around the bed of the tub and hair all over the place.

Against Becky's advice I decided to try out Mister Plumber in an effort to update the blog and pretend that people actually read this crap. The bottle comes with 32 oz. of product and you must use half the bottle the first time and, depending on the severity of your mess, potentially repeat the process. So ultimately you will probably not get more than two uses per 32 oz. bottle which seems to be the standard size for name-brand products as well.

I've honestly never had to use liquid chemicals to clean a drain but the Dollar Tree came through again. I used the entire bottle but the drain was clean as a virgin's honeypot afterward. I took a shower and barely half an inch of water pooled near the drain.

I found and compared Mister Plumber's Material Safety Data Sheet(MSDS) to Drano's MSDS. I found the product to be identical with the only minor differences being the percentages of the liquid's two main ingredients; Sodium Hypoclorite and Sodium Hydroxide. Mister Plumber contained less than 3% of Hydroxide where Drano had less than 2%. On the other side, Mister Plumber contained between 1 and 5% of Hypoclorite where Drano put less than 10% of the chemical which turns out to be just bleach. I really don't know what any of this shit means but I thought it would look interesting on the blog. Below is the label I found online... just for kicks.

click to enlarge

At $1 per 32 oz. bottle compared to the $5 average that a brand name bottle of the same size runs you this is a great find and one that, should the need arise again, I will revisit.



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jesusfreak777 said...

Hey, I bought some of this stuff at the Dollar Store today because I am having the same problem as you. My shower would be ankle-deep by the time the water was hot enough to step in. I've tried all kinds of products, including Mister Plumber that hasn't helped. The only thing that has given me any satisfaction is baking soda + vinegar, which clears it for a few days and then it goes back to "normal." It's funny how Mister Plumber has a satisfaction guarantee, but they have no contact information on the bottle, and none online either. I am going to fill out the Ameriplus contact form, but I doubt I will get anything back. I found your site looking for info on how to contact them. Just thought you'd want to know you came up in Google search! Have a nice day!

Cuervo Jones said...

Oh wow! That's awesome! I came up on a google search! haha. I have to update this regularly. From now on, new post every Thursday!

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Anonymous said...

Actually emptying "half the bottle" is usually only necessary when the clog is in the the lower part of an "U" in the pipe. For typical bathroom clogs, I usually poor just a teenie weenie bit of the liquid in a way that I think makes the liquid "touch" most of the clog, then wait, rinse - and repeat. You get a lot more 'value' from each bottle then.
The reasoning - if you just pour it - most of it just gets down the drain literally without working on anything.

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Java Mary said...

I've found the Mister Plumber to be excellent at cleaning my laundry sink drain, which frequently becomes clogged with pet hair. The price is right. Be careful how often you use it, however, it seems to corrode the metal piece around the bathtub drain if you use it too frequently.

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Travis J. Miller said...

I just used this stuff and searched to make sure it was a good decision. And thank you. I feel good now. Value stores kick ass.

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Jesus Only Apostolic said...

Tried this product Mr Plumber this morning, it sat there as if it were simply water dumped into the sink. Would advise anyone to save your one dollar bill and use it toward a bottle of liquid fire or CLR or anything else that has some sort of track record of doing something.

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