Friday, April 3, 2009


There isn't really much to say about this nifty little gadget but that it works like a charm. We've all seen them in stores or in some one's car. Hells, you might even have one in yours. I know I have two in mine, one from the Dollar Tree which is being reviewed now and another from a regular store which I stole from Becky.

My assumption is that "SunTropez" is a variation of Saint Tropez in an evil marketing ploy to evoke the sunny and expensive French Riviera. Thus giving the bargain hunter the false sense of gaudy American riches parading expensive possessions, such as this clip, whilst rubbing elbows with the crème de la crème in France. Or maybe it just sounded cool...

Although at first glance the clip seems like any ordinary clip I noticed that when snapped shut the latch didn't fully... umm.... latch.

I had to push the clip shut with some strenght so it would remain closed. Once closed though it performed it's job flawlessly.

It also felt a little on the cheap side with shoddy production quality obviously made somewhere in the bowels of China.

Those are my nifty sunglasses which are NOT from Dollar Tree. Well, this is a plain and simple yet highly efficient little tool worth every penny. I was unable to find anything online about SunTropez or the product but some Yahoo selling an identical clip in blue for a dollar.

See ya'll in Saint Tropez!



Elisha Cuthbert Sunglasses said...

Thanks for sharing. This gadget looks pretty smart.Can we use is on our trousers to hang sunglasses?

Cuervo Jones said...

Well, I'm not entirely sure why anybody would want to do that but I am sure it'll hold up.