Friday, February 13, 2009


The department I work for in my organization is rather small. There is a total of six of us including our manager. One of our co-workers is very into celebrating anything and everything so she made a huge deal out of decorating our 4'x6' cells for the company-wide decorating contest.

I am into crap like that, otherwise my cube wouldn't look like a 15 year old teenager's room, so I agreed to buy all the stuffings for our coworkers. Cheap-ass that I am I bought most of them at the dollar store (with a little mix from Target's dollar spot area). If I can remember correctly I bought a toy lump of coal, a xmas tree candy ornament and a grow your own plant pot at the Dollar Tree.

Regardless, we all ended up with a nifty little flower pot with different plants. I am unsure what the rest of the ungreatful bastards in my department did with their plants but the guy who sits next to me and I busted out our green thumbs... and for the first time in my life I was growing something legal.

I watered and whispered sweet nothings to my little plant for nearly two months. I grew fond of my little green friend but like with everything else I do, including my children, I grew tired of being responsible. So, instead of doing the mature thing and suck it up I abandoned the poor little plant to its luck by releasing it into the ruthless land of a corporate america breakroom.

On February 12, 2009, armed "greenie" (I can't come up with anything else) with a smiley face and a message that read "Orphan Plant. Please take care of me." and set it in the breakroom.

I thought I'd take a pic each day to see how long it lasts before someone takes it, kills it or something far worse.

I checked the plant this morning and someone had moved it to the top of one of the microwaves... not the safest place for a living organism but oh well. I also noticed that someone had actually watered little "greenie". Yay!!!

Tune in tomorrow, same plant time, same plant channel for another update.

Sometime this week I will review not one but TWO food items we got from the Dollar Tree... trust me... it ain't gun be prutty!

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SandinaJ said...

That's cute. I want one for my desk.