Tuesday, January 6, 2009


DISCLAIMER: I want to resume this blog (I even added my girlfriend as an author so we can post frequently) and I am sitting in my office with nothing brand new to review; so I'm gonna review something I bought years ago at the dollar store. Trust me, it'll be a crappy review.

Working in a monument to corporate America it is usually unnecessary for me to buy any office products. Everything office-related you can possibly imagine is as readily available in my office as a wheelchair-bound prostitute in Tijuana.

But every now and then something so office-y unique and amazing beckons me. Must be the Aztec blood in me trading in gold for pieces of mirror; but despite the unlimited supply of multi-colored post it notes in my office I had to purchase Martin Designs' sticky notes the second I laid eyes upon them.

I've seen my share of "fancy" sticky notes in the past; everything from puppy dogs in pastel motifs to over-elaborate art nouveau which simply seem to be trying excessively hard (and failing miserably) at being unique.

The creative geniuses at Martin Designs followed more of a Ludwig Mies van der Rohe approach to their stationary masterpieces. The elegant simplicity of the design alone can definitely fool anyone into thinking these came from Sharon Luggage than my beloved Dollar Tree.

Enough of the aesthetics though. Performance, which I understand is more relevant than size, is up next. Well, it's a sticky note... and you write on it... And as far as that goes it serves it's purpose as well as any of it's over-priced counterparts. So, we're good when it comes to writing on it... I mean, just look at how perfect a job it does to remind me that should I ever be dumb enough to wipe out my printer from my laptop again "\\print01" is where I should look to reinstall it!

Or, for my conference call/web meeting log in info for when those pesky clients actually demand true customer service!

Unfortunately the problems begin when trying to actually post them somwhere. The bottom portion fell out over a year ago when I first tried to use the thing. Furthermore, trying to keep one of my fancy sticky notes stuck to anything for more than 30 seconds is an exercise in futility short of using clear tape... (note the pin in the picture above) which would defeat the purpose of a self-adhesive note.

I am unsure why these sticky notes have outlasted most of all the pets I've ever own. I bought them sometime in 2006 and I still have over 50 of each of the two designs.

OH! I visited the site printed on the back of the backboard only to find out that Martin Designs "It is the real estate mortgage loan vendor of the Japanese nationwide corresponding possibility" (I love Engrish) and not a stationary company as I originally thought. Go figure.

I think that it.... told you this one would suck...


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